Anamosa Chamber Bucks program

The Anamosa Chamber Bucks program is intended to encourage local spending. The bucks make wonderful gifts for birthdays, graduations, employee rewards and many special occasions throughout the year. Anamosa Chamber Bucks are available in increments of $5 up to $25 and can be purchased at the Anamosa Area Chamber of Commerce Office at 203 East Main Street

Chamber bucks can be pre-ordered by calling 319-462-4879

 OR Pre-Order Below

Certificates can be redeemed at over 100 participating chamber member businesses.  Search our Member Directory to find where chamber bucks can be redeemed.

Businesses that are not Chamber members may not participate in the Chamber Bucks program. If a business accepts Anamosa Chamber Bucks and is not a chamber member, the bucks will not be redeemed. This program is to promote chamber members and is an added benefit to our members. If you are a business and interested in redeeming Anamosa Chamber Bucks, please consider becoming a member of the Anamosa Area Chamber of Commerce.