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The Anamosa Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing interesting and useful events for Chamber members. Chamber staff work year round to plan new and exciting events for members, as well as working to put together the Chamber’s long anticipated traditional events like the Grant Wood Art Festival, Anamosa Pumpkinfest and others! The Chamber events offer members opportunities to network and meet other members, helping you promote your business! Our events also allow you to get involved in public policy and to stay informed in the local marketplace.

Grant Wood Remembering Anamosa as a Boy

“Anamosa has always held a very warm place in my heart. When I was a youngster, we lived on a farm three miles southeast of town – a long enough distance in those days. I remember the great excitement my brothers and I felt when the family went into town on Saturday to get supplies.


Grant Wood, Regionalist Painter

As we breasted the final hill before coming into Anamosa, my older brother always cried, with a perennial enthusiasm of discovery: “I smell town”. This does not mean that Anamosa had noxious odors from factories or anything like that. It simply meant that my brother’s excitement was so intense, he actually smelled or fancied he could smell the slight difference in aroma between the country and town. To us, Anamosa had all the glamour of New York, Chicago and Paris rolled into one. The name, Anamosa, still brings back some of this youthful excitement to me.

Jones County is a region of uncommon natural beauty and fine, sturdy people. It has a rich and colorful history. I am sure that every native of the county is, as I am. proud to have been born there, and cannot today go through the Anamosa and Stone City country without having awakened memories and affections that extend back into earliest childhood.”hood.”

Sincerely, Grant Wood